I have been working on this presentation most of today for a workshop I have this coming Thursday and sitting here and seeing a next Black man just shot in the back by another policeman all over the news is like someone is SHITTING all over my presentation……HMMMMMM.my heart groans….hmmmmmm (the kind of groan that my grandmother made just before she prayed in that old country church in the hills of Portland – the kind that made you believe as a child that she had a real telephone line to Heaven – the kind that said she has the responsibility to fix it and she would fix it)
I am so happy I am able to take my own advice:
I will need to STOP AND TAKE A BREAK (a long hot bath later),
Sit in my FEELINGS for a while,
Allow myself to feel the ANGER,
POUR OIL (HOPE) in my lamp,
Continue to speak BLACK LOVE,
Continue to tool others in the work to DISMANTLE,
To everyone who is doing this work in whatever ways you are – just do it. Take care of yourself and continue. Don’t be distracted or discouraged in your work. My personal success has been guided by two big words – #Stamina and #consistency.
I was so very happy when I was asked to do this presentation. I know the workers are tired. I am not doing textbook language – I am sharing what I know – where I been and what has kept me in this world as a Black man doing this kind of work. I will also share so many of the amazing ideas shared with me by some of my peeps (THANKS) I have done my best to take care of myself – inside and outside and will be sharing that with these amazing workers and hopefully one day with many of you who will be in my workshops.
My whole heart went into this one, like the others. BUT in this presentation, I felt a lot…I felt my love all over it. I will continue to show up as my WHOLE BLACK SELF. I will continue to speak up…speak out….This kind of work gets you blacklisted…..this kind of work gets you uninvited….this kind of work gets you not selected……I know — trust me I know…..I will continue to speak out….speak up….take care of myself and others and my community and when I am done and gone…I will ask for my fabulous wings with all the glitter that heaven can spare!!! But until then we have work to do…. we have work to do…..A LITTLE MORE OIL IN MY LAMP IS ALL I NEED.